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Zero waste is a lifestyle that aims to only make trash by accident. It's one way to fight the cycle of resource depletion and overconsumption that is at the root of climate change. Live Zero Waste is here to help you give it a try!

the core of zero waste

the Life Cycle

1. Extraction

Every new product starts with some natural resource being extracted leading to habitat destruction, emissions and pollution.

2. Manufacture

The byproducts from manufacturing are responsible for a huge portion of waste and environmental degradation.

3. Transport

Products are almost never manufactured where they'll be used (enter environmental justice) and transportation is the #1 cause of global emissions.

Plastic Water Bottle

4. Shopping

Most stores receive large shipments of individually packaged goods, in boxes, on pallets, wrapped in plastic.

5. Use This is You!

You buy the individually packaged product and throw away the packaging and the product when you're finished with it.

6. Landfill

A garbage truck transports your waste to a landfill where it meets up with all the trash from earlier in the life cycle.

Practicing a new Attitude towards resources

Live Zero Waste empowers all of us to take an active role in shaping the way we look at resources, both on a personal level and in society at large.

The Idea

Each new thing we buy has a whole series of events behind it. The resources, human and environmental, that go into making a new thing are tremendous and, in almost every case, not necessary.

Our Vision

We envision a world where we extract only what we need, we build for repair and reuse, and human time and natural resources are put to their highest, best, and most just use.

Your role

You can help bring about our vision by joining our members and pledging to live zero waste, even if it's just for a day. We'll send you the info you need for your pledge to be a success.

Pounds of waste avoided

The best way to start is to

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zero waste partner Businesses

We’ve worked with restaurants, offices, festivals, and schools to help them reduce their waste and spread awareness of the zero waste movement within their communities.

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