Our co-founders Samuel and Lydia are a brother-sister team with a commitment to decreasing waste and helping you enjoy the benefits of a trash-free lifestyle.

While doing research on air pollution and climate change in Beijing during the summer of 2015, Lydia and Samuel realized their consumption habits, along with the production of the disposable items in their life was creating the air pollution and climate change they were researching. They decided to embark on a one-year zero trash and zero recycling journey to lessen their impact and create more sustainable habits.

A big inspiration for their year-long pledge and the creation of livezerowaste.org was to provide an informational platform and a supportive community for anyone who wants to give the zero waste lifestyle a try–even if it’s just for a day. Lydia and Samuel define their success entirely by the success of the community and hope you will join the movement to lessen our impact on the planet and enjoy a simplified life focused on relationships and experiences rather than consumption and trash!

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