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Some people don’t care about clothing at all and can wear the same thing everyday without batting an eye, while others live for fashion and find clothes to be a form of creative expression.Either way, the simplest solution for a zero waste lifestyle is to buy used...

Eating Out

The simplest place to eat zero waste is at buffet settings at food co-ops or restaurants, however with proper preparation you can eat anywhere and produce little to no waste!Step one is to take a look around at the other customers and see what types of waste you might...

How To Start Living Zero Waste Day One

The Rules: 1. Don't Make Waste ​This one is pretty simple, for your zero waste day you’re going to avoid buying new things and creating trash (and that includes recycling -- more on that below)! So that means bringing your coffee cup and water bottle, making sure you...

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

If you ever use pumpkin or squash when you cook you need to know this simple trick to turn your compost into a tasty snack!  More... This is the simpl

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