Eat Your Compost

If you ever use pumpkin or squash when you cook you need to know this simple trick to turn your compost into a tasty snack! 


Whether it's pumpkin bread, squash soup, or you're just throwing a squash in the oven you always end up with a slimy pile of seeds.  

Don't compost it!  Do this instead:

  • 1.  Do your best to separate out the seeds
  • 2.  Put them in a bowl with enough water to cover and add some salt 
  • 3.  Leave them overnight (or 10 minutes but the longer the better)
  • 4.  Put them on some sort of metal pan or sheet and bake them at 400° until they're nice and brown, maybe 15 minutes

Enjoy! What do you eat that most people throw away? Post it in the comments!

  • Heather says:

    Why do you need to soak them in salty water? Is this for seasoning?

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