Fun and Entertainment

You can still have fun while being zero waste!

The first step is to inform your friends and family about your new experiment. It’s so important to not be preachy when breaching the subject! Be open, let them know how much they mean to you, and ask for their support.

You can even host a crafting or DIY party to get your friends excited and familiar with the concept of zero waste.

We covered eating out in the restaurant chapter and the same tactics work at bars and on dates.

If you consider going to the mall or shopping fun activities then switch your location to thrift and vintage stores.

Guess what else are zero waste? Getting a massage, having a long dinner with a glass of wine, going to an art gallery, and giving yourself a home spa treatment with a homemade face mask and body scrub. A lot of indulgences are zero waste as we switch from acquiring stuff to having experiences.


Script: Having the zero waste conversation (How to tell your friends and family)

Zero Waste Date Ideas

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