How to Go Zero Waste

Live Zero Waste exists to support you in your journey to get to zero waste.  Below you’ll find the “rules” and then all of our how-to posts, please read, comment, share, and request topics for us to write about!

Don’t Make Waste

This one is pretty simple, waste is actually a shorthand for the whole production process. Each new item we buy has all kinds of extraction, transportation, and manufacturing in its past, this is unfortunately still true for recycling.  You’ll be surprised at how differently you see the world tomorrow after trying not to make trash.

Keep Your Accidents

If you do make trash, don’t sweat it!  The point is not to steep in guilt for a day, it’s to build your awareness and give you the psychological tools you need to overcome the wasteful habits engrained in all of us. So collect whatever trash you make on your day and do a quick reflection at night, also send us a picture of it!

What Counts?

Anything new, so don’t go buying a brand new compost bin to start off you zero waste lifestyle.  Like we said in the first rule zero waste is not really about trash, it’s about resources.  Check out the tips below to find out some common friction points and get a little better understanding of what it means to be zero waste!

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