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The Idea

Each new thing we buy has a whole series of events behind it. The resources, human and environmental, that go into making a new thing are tremendous and, in almost every case, not necessary.


Why Pledge

When you pledge you not only unlock our best resources you also join a supportive worldwide community. Our mentors will help get you started and the group will keep you motivated throughout your pledge!



Our steadily growing library of resources includes tutorial videos, guides to various areas of zero waste living, and the best resources for successfully and sustainably living a zero waste lifestyle.

With members on six continents there's someone living zero waste near you, and we'll help you find them.

Together We're Making Great Things Happen

Our community is successful because we understand one of nature's biggest lessons, to be successful we have to rely on each other.  Success for us is redefining the world's relationship with consumption and production.

Committed to Empowering ​Consequential ​​​Action

Live Zero Waste is all about bringing people together to take consequential action.  One of our mantras, "hard is good", comes from the understanding that taking important action is challenging, otherwise it wouldn't be important.

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We Rely On Your Support, Help Us Make Action Happen

As a nonprofit we are established to provide for the public good.  For us that means showing as many people as possible a new way of looking at resources, through living zero waste.  We appreciate your help towards that ends, whether it's monetary or in the form of helping us spread the word.